Human Interest March 1, 2019

Paradise Family Gains After Losing Two Homes

A family of four that suffered the devastating loss of two homes in the Camp Fire, moved to Sacramento and bought a beautiful home in an established neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from Del Paso Country Club. The family consisting of father, mother and two children, lost their personal residence, their rental property, as well as irreplaceable personal items in the huge fire that ravaged through the town of Paradise CA.

“It feels really-really good being able to provide the services that lead to a new home and a new life for this wonderful family.”

As the agent representing both the buyer and the sellers in the sale, I received great satisfaction handing over the keys to the new owners, knowing their newest chapter will be a happy one. 


Home SellersUncategorized February 25, 2019

Love your Home and List it!

Is it possible to love our home, yet need to sell in order to live in a home that better suits our needs? Yes! As time goes by, the home we once thought of as our dream-home, doesn’t quite measure up. Maybe we’ve outgrown our 3-bedroom rancher and need more space. Or perhaps our McMansion is just a little too much work for us to maintain. If our kids have moved out, there’s a good chance you’re heating and cooling rooms we no longer use. We can still love our home but let somebody else love it too. And, much like our automobile screeches around corners because it needs new tires or huffs & puffs because it could stand an engine overhaul, our current abode needs TLC to bring it back to its prime.


If you can’t see yourself spending time and money keeping your home fresh, then maybe it’s time to list it!

Do you want to sell your home for the highest possible price? Fix those little things, apply some fresh paint and have your digs professionally cleaned, including windows. Now maybe you’re asking yourself; “wasn’t I going to leave that up to the new buyer?” You could, but you won’t sell for as much and you likely won’t have competing bids making your price to go up. Doing nothing and your shack will sit longer on the market. Then you’ll run the risk of needing to drop your price. Ouch! The cleanest, most attractive homes, updated and in turnkey condition, sell fastest and sell for considerably more than homes needing even a little TLC. Believe me—I’ve been selling the region’s most attractive and some of the ugliest homes for 28 years. By the way, some of the ugly ones are now some of the prettiest ones thanks to industrious buyers!

In summary, if you love your home and are willing to do the work to maintain it, by all means, keep it and keep on loving it! It’s not that much fun moving anyway. On the other-hand, if your current pad no longer meets your needs, you can still love it. When you’re ready, consult with the best real estate professional you can find and make it market ready. Then, start to pack. You could be loving your new home in no time.